San Diego Crime Incidents with Victim Descriptions Last Update: 2020-09-30T16:40:17

Crime Victims in San Diego, from 2016 though July 2020, with UCR codes for the crime and the age, race and sex of the victim.

There are important national conversations going on about criminal justice reform, aligning resources towards prevention and community support rather than primarily for policing, and calls to Defund or Abolish the Police. These are all valuable discussions about the communities in which we want to live. An important voice in that conversation is the voice of victims of crime. The data below is a complete data set for victims of violent crime from ARJIS (Automated Regional Justice Information System) for San Diego County, the nation's fifth largest County, from 2016 through 2020. The complete data set, a cleaned version of the data, a data dictionary, the Public Records Act request on which the data was based and several maps are provided for review. A full conversation requires diverse voices and will help ensure that resources are realigned in a way that furthers the dual aims of equity and safety in our communities.

The file has multiple rows per incident, one for each suspect or victim. The primary key pk links records together into a single crime incident.

This package provides the datasets as CSV files. You can also get the Excel source files for these CSVs, and the Excel file originally returned by ARJIS:


The resources in this pacakage have been converted from Excel format to CSV, and the mixed-case column names are all lowercased. For the Excel file source, as it was recieved by the San Diego Regional Data Library, see the References Section.

ALLYEARS data has 676,244 records/ ALLYRS_NOSUSP has 402,397 records with 312,089 unique cases

Of the 312,089 cases, 5% (16,765) don't have a block number and 2% (5,025) don't have a ZIP (with another 1-2% with a ZIP not in SD County).

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