Distressed Housing Tracts

ffiec.gov-census-tract-1.5.2 Last Update: 2020-06-22T22:04:41

An extract of a subset of columns from the FFIEC Census Flat File, including flags that indicate a tract is distressed.

This dataset extracts the columns for distressed tracts from the FFIEC compilation of census data, for use in their FFIEC Census Windows Application. It includes only 25 columns, the first 17 columns of the file, which have geographic identifiers, median income, and three population totals. The reamaining 8 columns hold flags to indicate if a tract is distressed.


The 2017 file, as distributed by FFIEC, is broken: it includes a ZIP file with in the ZIP file, which Metapack cannot read. This file has been manually extracted and stored in the source package.

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