San Diego Business Clusters Last Update: 2021-03-21T19:40:14

Business in San Diego linked to entertainment clusters and population density.

This dataset processes the City of San Diego Master Business file to add geocoded addresses and links to business clusters. San Diego publishes two lists of businesses, which are based on payment of the San Diego City business tax: the Master Business File, and a SANGIS file that includes geographic information. Unfortunatel y, these files are quite different and cannot be linked. The SANGIS file is oriented toward the tax assessors parcel that the business occupies, and the Master Business List has account numbers and addresses, but there is no common key between the files.

The files in this package add address geocodes to the Master Business List, and links the businesses to clusters of businesses. The Clusters are created by collecting nearby businesses from Open Street Map data. The cluster types are:

The sd_business_clusters file has the clusters and their WKT geographies. The sd_custered_businesses links San Diego businesses to clusters, and a single business may be in more than one cluster because the clusters of different tyoes overlap.


It appears that the NAICS codes used in the Master Business List are vintage 2007. The code '72221' appears frequently, which is valid in 2007 NAICS, but not in 2012 or 2016 NAICS.


The geocoding was performed with a local installation of Pelias. There are some notable errors in the geocoding. For instance, Ba Ho Liquor and Deli, with address of '4031 AVATI DR SUITE I SAN DIEGO 92117-4403, CA', was geocoded to 4144 Avati, moving the location from a neighborhood mini-mall to a residence. It is unknown how many such error there are, so use the geocodes with caution.