San Diego Crime Incidents with Demographic Descriptions Last Update: 2020-11-22T23:16:50

Crime incidents in San Diego, from 2016 though July 2020 inclusive, with UCR codes for the crime and the age, race and sex of the victim and suspect.

This dataset describes crime incidents from 2016 to 2020, with demographic information for both the victims and suspects. The file has multiple rows per incident, one for each suspect or victim. The primary key pk links records together into a single crime incident. The dataset is derived from data acquired for a PRA request and is processed to standardize geographic identifiers and racial categories.

Refer to the source dataset for the original data and the PRA request used to acquire it.


The data presented here are a processed version of the file received from ARJIS through a Public Records Act request. The processing includes:

Additiona processing that was performed on the upstream data, which came directly from ARJIS, includes:

Race recode

The race field of the original data includes many names of regions, countries or ethnicities. The census_race_eth field is a recode of the race field to use the race/ethnicity scheme used by the Census. The codes used are:

This file does not include any records that would be classified as the remaining census race codes, such as American Indian or Alaskan Native. These are the translations from the values in the race field to those of the census_race field:

For the 2020 census, Filipinos may be classified as Pacific Islanders, rather than Asian, as they had been in previous years. Because this data was collected before this transition, Filipinos are classified as Asians.