San Diego Demographics By Tract Last Update: 2020-11-26T02:46:49

Age, Race, Sex and Ethnicity, by tract for San Diego county

The dataset includes three files all from the Census, detailing age and sex and race ethnicity. All of the files are built from Census data; see the References section for the specific dates and releases.

Age and Sex

The age_sex data comes from B01001 and the associated race iterations. The file combines all of the race iteration tables and adds columns for sex, race/ethnicity codes and age groups.

THe race ethnicity codes are:

For each of the race/ethnicity values except nhwhite and hisp, the category sums the associated 'nh_' and 'hisp_' categories from the raceeth table.

Race And Ethnicity

The raceeth is based on the census table C03002: Hispanic or Latino Origin by Race, but recormats the structure, use a code for race/ethnicity in the raceeth column to indicate the oricinal clumn name in the Census dataset. These codes are:

For the most part you will use the nh_* for all races, hisp_white for hispanics, and nh_white for whites.