Atlas of Rural and Small-Town America Last Update: 2020-08-11T17:43:26

The Atlas of Rural and Small-Town America provides statistics by broad categories of socioeconomic factors incluiding people, jobs, county characteristics, income, and veterans.

Source Document Notes

The following notes are included from the RuralAtlasData22.xls file.


  1. All indicators included in the atlas are available in this spreadsheet. They are organized in separate tabs for each category of data: People, Jobs, Agriculture, and County Classifications. There are additional indicators available in this spreadsheet that are NOT in the atlas. These are indicated by "n" in the "Map" column in the Variable Name Lookup tab.
  2. The Variable Name Lookup tab connects the short name used in Row 1 for each indicator with a more detailed description of the indicator. 3. Counties and county equivalents listed in each tab vary slightly due to different configurations used by the various Federal sources of data. Most variation occurs in Alaska and Virginia.
  3. Blank data cells for specific counties indicate values that were not available, not applicable, or suppressed.
  4. Census of Agriculture county data are available from National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) and no longer included in the atlas.

Version History

Source: USDA, Economic Research Service using data from U.S. Bureau of the Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Contact: John Cromartie, USDA, Economic Research Service; email:

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